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Advantages of Learning Latin in Grammar School

Gulf Coast Classical Academy is proud to offer its grammar school students the opportunity to learn Latin. Although many people dismiss Latin as a dead language with no real benefits for young students, we believe it will help sharpen their minds as well as help them develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. A traditional classical education encourages students to seek the truth, and look for goodness and beauty by participating in liberal arts education.

Children in kindergarten through sixth-grade benefit from a classical education that includes Latin because the skills used to study Latin begin creating stronger literacy skills in English. Young children typically learn through the memorization of songs or chants, which is one way to introduce them to Latin.

Exposure to Latin can also become the foundation for learning other languages, including Spanish and French since more than eighty percent of words in these two languages are derived from Latin.

A large number of words in the English language also come from Latin. Reading and understanding concepts requiring a large vocabulary is a necessity to succeed in every academic area. The young children who are given the opportunity to study Latin are gaining skills needed to succeed in understanding mathematical and scientific concepts as they grow and their academic courses become more difficult. Students gain advantages in multiple areas which help with a variety of careers. These careers include coding and computer programming, as well as scientific, legal, and medical careers.

A great deal of studying is typically expected when pursuing a higher level of education. Students will eventually learn to conjugate verbs and translate the sometimes intricate Latin grammar, which will benefit them when taking standardized tests. The study skills acquired in learning Latin can be just as important as the vocabulary students learn.

Students who were exposed to Latin early on in their education accumulate knowledge of ancient history and culture, including Greek and Roman mythology and contributions to science and math. An estimated ninety percent of English words used in the science and technology fields originated in Latin.

While the benefits of learning Latin at an early age are clear, the language is still considered a “dead” language by most public and private schools. Only about four percent of public schools even offer Latin. Gulf Coast Classical Academy is proud to have Latin at the center of our classical studies, beginning in Grammar School. Students are given the tools to be successful and broaden their range of knowledge when they begin a study of Latin at an early age.

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