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Gulf Coast Classical Academy

Restoring Wisdom & Virtue in Education

Our Mission

Sapientia         Virtus

At Gulf Coast Classical Academy, we support Christian families in educating their children to the highest standards.  We equip them with wisdom and virtue to recognize the objective truth, goodness, and beauty that exist in the world all around us.

Vision for Education


In classical education, students study the classics and the classical languages that produced them and the liberal arts:  the best that has been thought and said, and the intellectual skills that equip a student to think critically.  A classical education cultivates wisdom and virtue through the study of the Great Books and develops basic critical thinking skills to recognize and defend truth, beauty, and goodness.


Gulf Coast Classical Academy is grounded in the precepts of Christianity, and we uphold Christian values and the tenets expressed in the Nicene Creed.  We believe that character, wisdom, and discernment are integral to the education of the whole person.


Gulf Coast Classical Academy celebrates the traditional model of classroom instruction.  Classes are led by enthusiastic, qualified teachers in an orderly and disciplined manner.  This beautifully calm environment allows our students to be challenged and supported.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to promote the transmission of Western Civilization through a Latin-centered, classical, Christian core curriculum.  GCCA is designed to develop a generation of Christian leaders who will be equipped to serve their families, churches, and communities.

About Us

Gulf Coast Classical Academy is proud to be the only K-8 private full-time, Latin-centered, classical, Christian school in Pinellas County.  We are fortunate to be able to provide a small student-teacher ratio, allowing our teachers to maintain traditional teacher-led classes while allowing for individual, student-centered attention as appropriate.  The result is a multi-textured classroom environment that offers the best of both modes of instruction.


The most obvious benefits of studying the classical languages — Latin and Greek — have been well documented, including English vocabulary acquisition; the rigor of grammatical study; and practical usage in the sciences, the law, mathematics, music, and theology.  However, we require the study of the classical languages because they also provide direct tools by which to evaluate history and deepen our understanding humanity’s most beautiful and important works.  If for no other reason, the text of Holy Scripture can be entered into even more profoundly. In short, the study of Western Civilization demands the study of these languages. 

Gulf Coast Classical Academy

Developing a Generation of Christian Leaders that will Shape Society


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